Worst Drinks For Arthritis

1.Energy Drinks

-The caffeine is at a level so extreme it has been linked to seizures and heart attacks.

2.Tap Water

-Water assists to lubricate your joints and support basically every process in your body. 

3.Tonic Water with Quinine

-There are medications similar to quinine, but they are most often prescribed for conditions like malaria when the alternative is death. 

4.Regular Soda

-They are loaded with sugar, caffeine, and acid. Soda is pretty much guaranteed to cause

5.Diet Soda

-Artificial sweeteners are a common chemical products that alter the balance of healthy gut bacteria. 


-it causes the body to release chemicals called purines when your liver breaks down the fructose it contains.

7.Fruit Juices

-Fruit juice is troublesome in general because it contains a lot of sugar but none of the fiber that you’d get by eating the whole fruit.


-It contains antioxidant polyphenols, which greatly reduce inflammation and minimize free radical damage to your cells.

9.Tomato Juice

-Tomatoes have long been categorized as bad for people with arthritis. The reason is that they contain solanine, an inflammatory substance.

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