When You’re Overstressed

1. You’re In Pain

- You can experience everything from chronic muscle aches to heart palpitations, stomach ulcers, and digestive upsets.

2. Your Sleep Is Poor

-Whether you’re sleeping too much because you feel exhausted.

3. Your Weight Fluctuates

-Consider what you’ve been eating lately, why you’ve been eating it, and what food means to you.

4. You Obsess Over Your Problems

-If it seems like there’s nothing you can do to shift your mind away from work concerns, financial worries or relationship issues, this is a major warning sign that stress is controlling your life right now.

5. You Can’t Be Quiet And Still

-if you delay these types of activities at all costs and make sure that you’re constantly occupied, you’re probably chronically stressed.

6. Your Patience Is Wearing Thin

- if you’re snapping at people or feeling annoyed when in their company, consider that you might need to ask for help coping with stress.

7. Frequent Mood Swings

-Stress hormones can cause dramatic swings from happiness to rage, or from misery to joy.

8. You’re Losing Hair

-If your doctor can’t find a purely physical cause for your unexpected hair loss, it could be that you’ve been overstressed for ages without ever really acknowledging it.

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