These people should not eat onions

 1. Lower blood sugar

If you have diabetes, never eat onions, as it causes a sudden drop in blood sugar.

۲. Digestive problems

 Flatulence, gas, vomiting, and some other symptoms of onion consumption in people with gastrointestinal diseases. If you have a gastrointestinal disease, it is better to stop or minimize the consumption of onions

3. allergic

Some people are allergic to onion skin. Symptoms such as burning and redness of the skin are signs of onion allergy, it is better for people with allergies to avoid eating onions.

4. Bad breath

 The spicy aroma of onion causes bad breath, especially when eaten raw.

If you need to communicate with a lot of people, it is better not to eat onions because it will keep people away from you.

5. Heartburn

Eating onions can cause heartburn, especially in pregnant women, which can cause nausea.

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