Signs of a man who is attractive to women

1) Good looks can be a factor, but they're not as important as you may think. 

2) A sense of humor is important to women.
- Scientists have found it makes men seem more intelligent.

3)For long relationships, women tend to prefer altruistic men who are kind and do good deeds.

4)women choose men posing in front of expensive cars or apartments, versus ordinary ones, possibly.

5)Women may like older men because they've had time to accumulate more resources.

6)Facial hair has been an attraction and a repellent in studies, so that feature is likely based on preference. 

7)When men are unavailable, that might make women want them more.

8) that men with dogs do better with the ladies.

9)women were more attracted to men who were mindful — present, attentive

10)Women around the world perceived men as more attractive when they wore red

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