People who are not allowed to eat pomegranate juice

 1- People who have low blood pressure

People with low blood pressure should not consume pomegranate juice, because pomegranate juice lowers blood pressure.

3- People who have had surgery

Pomegranate can interfere with the control and reduction of blood pressure after and before surgery, and it is better not to consume pomegranate juice two weeks before surgery.

3. People with high blood sugar

People with high blood sugar should stop eating pomegranate.

4. People who have a weight control program

Pomegranate increases calories and in proportion increases weight.

5. Causes gastrointestinal disorders

Pomegranate is a powerful stimulant of the digestive system and may also cause nausea.

6. People who have allergies

Pomegranate consumption may cause allergies in people with allergies.

Symptoms such as

- Swelling of the face

- Difficulty breathing

- Pain and swelling of the mouth

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