Habits that are the enemy of the spine

The human back is a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, and bones. The parts of our spine are connected by cartilage-like pads. Problems in any of these cases can lead to back pain. In some cases, the cause of back pain is never known.

 1). Long sitting

Even if you have the best sitting position for yourself, in order not to weaken your spine and back, it is better to finish sitting every half hour and do a few simple exercises.

2). Sleep conditions

The model and place of sleeping have a great effect on back and spine pain, it is better to choose the best sleeping position for yourself with the advice of your doctor.

3). Big belly

When the body is overweight and the spine carries an extra load, it is no longer able to distribute the load properly, resulting in damage to the vertebrae of the spine and back pain.

4). Weightlifting without instructions

insufficient stretching exercises, lifting weights beyond the body's ability, not doing enough stretching exercises cause damage to the spine and back.

5). Wear High Heels

When your shoes do not have the right arch and the way you walk does not fit, your back will be affected and as a result, you will feel pressure in your back.

6). Complications of prolonged standing for the spine

Standing effectively reduces blood flow to the muscles. Inadequate blood circulation causes you to feel tired sooner and also causes pain in the muscles of your legs, back and neck.

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