signs of vascular obstruction

 1.Lower back pain

- Lower back pain can be caused due to a lack of blood reaching the area.


- Having depression can increase your risk of clogged arteries 

3.Heart palpitations

- Heart palpitations can feel like your heart is fluttering rather than pounding. 

4.Shortness of breath

- Difficulties breathing could signal poor blood flow as a result of clogged arteries.

5.Erectile dysfunction

- To have and hold an erection, you need adequate blood flow

6.Crease in your ear

- A strange symptom, but noticing a crease in the earlobe could be a sign of poor circulation.

7.Pain in the hips, calves

- Increasing pain in the legs and hips when walking could be a sign of peripheral arterial disease

8.Blurry vision on one side

- Clogged arteries to the brain can result in a “mini-stroke” which can temporarily affect vision. 

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