Sunday, August 14, 2022

you are younger

When you can move quickly, your heart rate and pulse are in the normal range, and when you wake up without setting the alarm.

 it means you are still young and fresh, in this article I want to point out some parameters of youth. If they are still in your body, you are healthy.

1. You have a resting heart rate of around 70 bpm

- Ideally, your resting heart rate should be around 70 beats per minute or lower.

 2. You can run a mile in under 15 minutes

- If it takes you longer than 15 minutes to complete, you’re below average in your fitness level.

3. You are able to wake up without an alarm a

- lack of sleep cause you to feel mentally fatigued during the day but is a sign you may be at risk of having a stroke, obesity or heart disease. 

4. You’re within 10 pounds of your ideal body weight

- A healthy male under 40 should have 8-19% body fat and those over 41 should be in the 11-22% range.

5. your heart rate returns to normal within 5 minutes

- The sooner it springs back down, the better shape you’re in. Ideally, it should return to resting in five minutes or less.

6. You know the date of the last time you had a full medical

- A full medical is something that far too many men put off for years, and this is one big reason why unexpected health concerns come about

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