Monday, August 16, 2021

Differences in mindset

In decision theory and general systems theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notions held by one or more people or groups of people.[1] A mindset can also be seen as arising out of a person's world view or philosophy of life.[2] A mindset may be so firmly established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.[citation needed] The latter phenomenon is also sometimes described as mental inertia, "groupthink", and it is often difficult to counteract its effects upon analysis and decision making processes.source: wikipedia

Sunday, August 15, 2021

aryana sayeed

Aryana Sayeed is an Afghan singer, songwriter and TV personality. She sings mostly in Persian/Dari but also has many songs in Pashto. She is one of Afghanistan's most famous musical artists,[2][3] performing regularly in concerts and philanthropic festivals within and outside Afghanistan. Sayeed has also had host roles in musical television shows for the 1TV and TOLO networks.source:Wikipedia